7 Success Tips for Women in Tough Businesses

7 Success Tips for Women in Tough Businesses

A couple of years ago, in a “Women in Construction” session, I was asked to present my latest project accomplishment, and to share my experience in terms of the challenges and risks involved, the processes we adopted to manage them and how the project succeeded considering these conditions.

My presentation covered the technical and project management elements of the project, but I felt that the presentation needed a little more authenticity, so I decided to also talk about being a woman in construction and specifically what it takes to succeed in this field; a challenging field with a lot of potential. I wanted to share my perspective on how women can excel in such a domain, and why. So I listed some of the attributes that are associated with women and how we function, in the context of how they affect our leadership skills and abilities. Here are some of the important points I shared.

1. Instinct
This can be a very severe and actual thing. Ladies are sometimes identified to have a powerful intuition or “gut feeling.” We regularly use this to forecast or anticipate sure situations, and the extra years of experience we have now, the extra harnessed this intuition. We make use of this in points equivalent to threat administration, which is vital to successful project management.

2. Persistence
By nature, who can deny that? We aren’t good at taking “no” for an answer, and are experts at a number of makes an attempt at trying to get what we want. Consequently ladies leading tasks, pass on to their staff the quality of not giving up, and tackling challenges as they come up efficiently.

3. Multitasking
We have now proved by the ages that we are able to have a dialog, ship an electronic mail and take a call all of sudden! It doesn’t mean that it is right, but the essence of challenge administration especially, massive-scale, complex projects, require the administration of many alternative streams of labor, and completely different group members, managing of threat, ensuring time/funds and scope are met.

4. Vulnerability
This does not mean weak point; it means the flexibility to be authentic and open, to listening and understanding of environment, to different situations and to assessing challenges or risks. Women are well-known for their ability to achieve down to part of them that’s creative and might bring new, revolutionary concepts, just due to their open minds and hearts.

5. Detail orientation
Think about our wardrobes as a simple instance — we put the trouble within the easy things. It’s not about dressing to go to a celebration, but concerning the total presentability. Listening to details is necessary in development, especially whenever you’re building one thing from a drawing on a chunk of paper and turning small ideas into large projects. Element is critical to finish and successful delivery.

6. Attentiveness
We tune to what’s occurring round us, all the time. Whether or not it was the undertaking and the small print, or the teams that we work with. Ladies are at all times “switched on.” We be sure that harmony is maintained as a result of we hold our minds and hearts engaged in what we’re doing. Our teams know we look after them, and are loyal because of this, and our management is aware of that we’re dedicated to them, and so they appreciate that.

7. Relationship administration
There are totally different viewpoints related to this, but the backside line is ladies are likely to exhibit a high level of diplomacy, and often, social and emotional intelligence and tact that permits for management of various stakeholders efficiently. We all know what we need and the right way to handle relationships to realize those professional goals. With that being mentioned, we’re able to be firm and hard, the identical method we’re in a position to lenient and flexible.

These are only a few of the reasons why I believe women might be very successful within the robust fields akin to construction. Additionally in addition to those, ladies have an incredible chance to be inspiring, which makes the distinction between leading and managing. Construction and undertaking management usually necessitates management, and I consider it all could be applied to many extra different fields and businesses.

To all ladies, inspire, lead and make a difference!

(By Randa Hakim. Hakim is a Senior Packages Manager at GE. Her robust program management experience coupled together with her engineering background has helped her develop and lead highly productive cross-functional teams towards excellent measurable results.)